Simple Donor Process

Donation Simple provides an easy 3 step process for your donors. We make it so simple to donate, it can be done in 30 seconds!

By removing a lot of extra fields, we eliminate some of the frustration that may cause supporters to leave the online process because it’s too cumbersome.

Schedule a demo and see how fast it can be!



Customized Marketing

We’ve partnered with a marketing firm to provide some basic assistance in helping to attract donors and make your organization stand out.

We’ll provide you with tips on Facebook posts and how to create an appealing call to action. Creating interactive and captivating social media marketing expands your presence beyond the physical. Your donors exist in a virtual world and supporters can be found almost anywhere.

Customized Fundraising!

We’ve designed our product to be customized to your needs. We expect and listen to feedback from customers. You can customize your buttons, your background image, your logo, and your goals to suit what you want.